Reds gather win in homecoming game

Eaton beats Machebeuf by a controlling score 44-8


Cole Schumacher, Sports Editor


During Eaton’s slippery, wet homecoming game, they dominated Bishop Machebuef in a 44-8 win.

Mid-way through the first quarter, the reds took the lead after charging down the field and scoring on a six yard run by Gage Butler (21), making the Reds up 7-0 early on. At the start of the second quarter, the reds kept coming as Jose Lopez (22) kicked the ball in for a field goal, giving the Reds an extra edge over the Buffaloes, putting them up 10-0.

Soon after, Eaton’s running back Ethan Florez (22) ran the ball in for a 10 yard touchdown, giving them six, but only six due to a missed PAT. Eaton went into the half leading the Bishop Machebeuf 16-0. Eaton proceeded to score two more touchdowns in the third quarter coming from a touchdown pass by Scott Grable (21) to wide receiver Javi Hernandez (20), and a run by Ethan Florez (22).

Later on Bishop Machebeuf put up six in the third quarter and converted on the two point conversion, but they still trailed the Reds 30-8 going into the fourth quarter.

In the fourth, Scott Grable (21) snuck through the defense and ran the ball in for touchdown, and Walker Martin (22) also ran the ball in for a touchdown, making it a 44-8 homecoming victory for the Reds.

After the game head coach Zac Lemon said, “It was a collaborative team effort, everybody did their job, everybody did their task, we were playing together, communicating together, and executing together.” Ben Faust (20) said, “As a team we bond together, we all got each other’s backs, and I really truly believe that’s what makes us very strong team, because we can trust each other to make very big plays.”

Eaton’s next match-up is a home game against University High School on Friday, October 4.