The Brooms are out at Eaton High School

Reds Volleyball sweep Rez for seventh win


Charlotte Reynolds

Andie Anderson (20) prepares to serve the ball in set one.

Jaden Stone, Sports Editor

Charlotte Reynolds
Reds celebrate after a big point with coach Gwenn Forester 

A white-out at Eatonbrought the brooms out after the Reds swept Rez opponents.   The Volleyball team took a 3-0 win over 6-3 Resurrection Christian September 25 at home in a sweep resulting in  the Reds’ seventh win on the season and the Cougars’ fourth loss.

As a team the girls’ offense came together and took all three sets easily.  In set 1, the Reds breezed passed the Cougars 25-10. Set 2, resulted in much of the same, another 25-10 win. Kynna Gentry (21), proud of the first two sets said, “I thought we came out the first two sets with a lot of good hustle plays and got the momentum going our way early.” The team used that momentum to take set three 25-22. 

After a closer third set, the Reds started slow, but were able to take a win using their strength on the offensive and defensive side. The Reds combined for 39 kills, compared to the Cougars’ 20. The kill percentage for the girls was 42%. Resurrection’s was at just 21%. Jisell Chumacero (21) said, “I think our last game we started out a little rough.  But this game felt like we finally came together as a team and really proved exactly how good we are.”

Next, the Reds, 7-1, will take on the 3-3 Frontier Academy Wolverines away at 6:30.