Athletes From the Outside

EHS student athletes play more than school recognized sports


Katie Gomez and Blake Hays

Plenty of sports are offered at Eaton High School, but not all students participate in the school offered sports. For Scarlett Wray(22), Leyah Scott(23), Alex Shaw(25), and Eamon Shaw(25) their athletic ability is displayed in unique ways away from the school’s fields and gyms. 

Scarlett has been powerlifting for about two years now. Every day, she is in the gym doing massive lifts trying to set new personal records(PRs), and breaking state records. Unfortunately, over the summer she tore a disk in her back which affected her ability to lift for a period of time. She still lifted during her injury, but she wasn’t able to do squats and deadlifts for four months. Currently, she is preparing for her next competition, Lord of the Lifts, on March 20th. Scarlett is set to break two state records for that competition. Depending on what her coach thinks, she might be able to compete in an earlier competition. As for her favorite part of powerlifting, Scarlett said, “there’s a lot of satisfaction in setting a goal for yourself and you work towards it for months. Sometimes you fail multiple times to attempt that weight and then you finally get it and it’s like the most satisfying thing.” 

Leyah has been playing soccer since elementary school. Currently, she is playing soccer for Windsor high school. Leyah said, “I love all my teammates there. It’s fun to be with people that don’t go to your school.” Leyah’s position is the goalkeeper for the girl’s varsity team. This past season she had 19 saves, which was about 1.9 saves per game. 

Alex also plays soccer but he plays for two teams, Northern Colorado Rush and Northridge High School. He has been playing since around the ages of 4 or 5. Alex said, “just the conditioning in it, friends, the coaches, and staying fit. I just like the game.” One of Alex’s accomplishments happened when his club soccer team traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for a tournament. Every athlete has experienced hardship before, Alex was losing in a penalty shoot-out in the President’s Cup. 

Eamon follows closely with his twin, Alex, playing soccer for Northridge High School as well. Eamon, with his brother Alex, began playing the sport at the age of 4. Eamon said, “I like playing soccer, I think it’s fun. It’s just to get some stress off sometimes.” Eamon has won awards for soccer playing skills since he was 10. As for hardships, Eamon said, “It’s just hard sometimes to keep up your fitness for soccer because you have to be fit. It’s also hard to balance being a student and playing soccer.” 

Athletics outside of Eaton High School are valuable to many students’ lives and provide unique opportunities for all students that participate.