Seniors walk away with four championships

Sydney Booth

Three volleyball seniors to graduate after taking four championships

By Sydney Booth

The state volleyball championship banner from 2013 when Sieg, Noonan, and Leafgren were freshmen.

In the wake of Eaton volleyball’s epic four-peat stand seniors Courtney Leafgren, Tarynn Sieg, Izzy Noonan, and Kylee Stewart who have been part of the winning program since their freshman year; Leafgren, Sieg, and Noonan Are four-year letter winners. The hard work from this fantastic group of four has helped to propel their team to 5th in the state for championship wins.

By the Numbers

Eaton outranked the national average in just about every category, including hitting percentage, kills per set, digs per set, and total blocks, according to Maxpreps. Key in earning these rankings are the four Eaton Volleyball alumnis who contributed in different ways, but all helped earn their team the four-peat.

Middle hitter Tarynn Sieg was the biggest contributor to her team in hitting and blocking, averaging approximately five kills per set and 438 total kills on the season, according to Maxpreps. Her attacking percentage was .402 percent, earning her a rank of sixth in the state for hitting stat leaders. Sieg also had over 50 percent of her team’s total blocks. Sieg said, “I stepped up my game knowing that this is my last time ever playing volleyball.” The senior will attend Colorado State University and compete in throwing for the Rams’ track and field team.

Leafgren dominated the back row with her libero status, surpassing her teammates with about 18 digs per match and 519 digs in total, according to Maxpreps. Leafgren said, “I absolutely loved being the libero this year. I knew going into this season that I had a big role to fill. I knew that if I had the confidence in myself and trust from my teammates that I could do anything in that role. Being the libero was the most rewarding experience of my high school career.”  Leafgren ad Sieg were selected for the 2016 All-State competition where they represented the 3A division.

Noonan was a contributor in many areas, including hitting, digging, and serving. Next to Leafgren as the libero, Noonan was still a dominating force in the back row, as well as at the net. The all-around player stood out in many areas with 12.2 percent of the team digs, 15 percent of team kills, and 18.4 percent of the team’s receptions on serve receive. Noonan said, “It was great to have been a part of a team where you know everyone is going to work hard for one another and I think that really shows.”



Stewart was yet another driving force in the back row and from the service line. Her ace percentage was the second highest of her team at 13.3 percent according to Maxpreps. She also had 152 digs and 131 receptions on serve receive.



How It Feels

Leafgren and Sieg were especially impressed with the way the team of girls they love were able to come together year after year to win state championships. “Each year we started off with bigger target on our back than the year before,” Leafgren said. “We were still able to find ways of overcoming the obstacles set in front of us.” Sieg said, “Being able to create a new team every year with a different dynamic and still being able to win is a very accomplished feeling.” Sieg also added, “At state you finally feel satisfied about your season. All of the wins finally come together and that is very rewarding.”

What They Will Miss the Most

For these athletes, the game itself is not what they will remember most about their high school career as volleyball players. Rather, the memories and bonds forged with their teammates will be the most missed. Stewart said, “The best part of playing was the memories that will last a lifetime with the girls. I love the team and the effort we have put forth to make it to state and be champions for four years.” Noonan agreed, saying, “I have made some of the best memories with the team and with those girls. We have the best times together playing the game we love.”

Both can recall some of their favorite memories throughout their four years. “My favorite memory was after state one year when a new road was paved, so we went cruising through the parking lot going like 40-50 mph and hit a huge bump and everyone went flying out of their seats,” Stewart said. Noonan said, “Some of my favorite memories are just before every game, especially at state where we always just dance and mess around.”