Eaton Reds glide past Skyline


April Van Wyhe

By April Van Wyhe

The Eaton Reds won against Skyline with an ending score of 111 to 74, with the second home meet for the Reds. Starting off strongly, they won the first two events, even if just closely, and won another five events after in the remaining ten events. Skyline, although having multiple girls already qualifying for state, the Reds still surged past them with a 27 point lead at the end of the meet. The Reds themselves have quite a few girls who have qualified for state just in this meet alone, and even more in their own record times. The A team for the 200 yard medley relay, yet again beat their opponents, and timed in just to qualify for state, with Courtney Parsons, McKenna McGehee, Kaitlyn Maker, and Rylee Daniels. The next event , won again by Eaton, with McGehee, breaking her previous record with a time of 2:12.11 in the 200 yard freestyle. The rest of the girls in the event placing in third, fourth, and fifth place. In the third event the Red Waves were beaten out by a state qualifier on the Skyline team, but the rest of the girls place in second, third, and sixth, with second place Kaitlyn Maker beating her previous record at 2:35.05. The 50 yard freestyle was again beaten out by Skyline, but placed in second, third, fourth and fifth, with Sam Fuerte breaking her previous record with 30.24 seconds. Most events carried out in a similar pattern, but with all of the diving girl’s beating all of their previous records, and still only coming in second, third and fourth.