Houston to Brooklyn

James Harden gets traded to a new team.


Amanda Davis, Staff Reporter

James Harden has been traded from the Houston Rockets to the Brooklyn Nets making the “superteam.” Meaning that this team is going to be really good, and will work the other teams to the best of their abilities.

So many mixed emotions about this trade, Cole Lockey (23) said, “Personally I don’t like it because now they are going to be unstoppable. I don’t think it was a good trade because with the Nets having Kyrie and KD, who are both elite players and both really good iso players, adding Harden there is no point because they have enough guards that can score already.”

Having two of the best guards, and one of the best forwards in the league will make the Nets really hard to beat. The Nets have a lot of height on their team, and are not scared to make big moves for the win. They will do anything for that win. Having Harden on their team is going to help make it easier, but the other teams can improve themselves and always beat the Nets. 

Lockey said, “I think it was a mistake by Houston because yes they still have John Wall, but Harden was primarily the best scorer who carried the team.” Harden was Houston’s main scorer, and now they don’t have that many players that score like Harden. The Rockets have a 4 wins and 8 loss streak right now, with The Brooklyn Nets have 9 wins and 6 losses.