Choir Concert Under the Stars

The choir concert, Friday January 8th.


Aubrey Ledall, Staff Reporter

January 8th, a chilly Friday night, parents, fellow students, teachers, as well as community members, gathered to hear the music from the vocalists involved in Eaton High Schools’ four choirs. The concert wasn’t held in the familiar auditorium but Christina Contreras, the high school choir teacher, found a spot to display the student’s talent and hard work. Women’s Choir, Bella Voce, Troubadours, and Men’s Choir performed at the Eaton Town Square presenting Christmas songs that they were not able to sing before Christmas Break. Contreras said, “The music for this concert is my favorite. We have a lot of traditional pieces that we’ve been doing for 15 years here at Eaton High School for our Christmas concert and Christmas music, in general, is just happy and jolly.” Students had an amazing sound quality and impressive soloists in the songs they performed. 

With the new outdoor venue students gathered around a crackling fire pit and depended on their ability to project their voices to entertain the large audience. The Men’s Choir kicked off the concert by singing three great songs that showed off the freshman to senior male voices. Men’s choir this year is evenly split up between the different grade levels. The underclassmen show great potential and will build the choir in the coming years while the upperclassmen show great leadership and are exemplary choir students that inspire underclassmen.

The Women’s Choir joined the men and together they harmonized beautifully, creating a melodious sound that left the crowd’s soul feeling warm. Although it was chilly and the night sky turned to dusk quickly ladies in the Women’s Choir kept the crowd hanging around. They performed beautifully and displayed two soloists as well as fun and captivating choreography.

Bella Voce and The Troubadours ended the night perfectly. As always, both choirs sang with passion and heart in spite of the circumstances Hayden Pollman (23), a member of the Troubadours said that he believed“each of us worked hard to make the concert possible despite the less than ideal conditions.”

The Eaton High School vocalists were still able to perform and show off their choreography even though there was limited room at the outdoor venue and they had to bundle up. With school going online for the last week and a half till Christmas Break choir students found a way to stay in the Christmas Spirit. Adie Hood (22), a student at Eaton High School who attended the concert said that the performance was “really great!! It was a fun atmosphere and it was cool that anyone had a chance to go even though corona made it look different than previous years.”