All hyped up on caffeine


Rylee Martin, News Editor

As the end of the semester rolls around, students begin to feel the pressure of schoolwork. Finals week and just the overall workload of the end of the semester makes students very tired. As a school, there has been a trend of seeing various types of caffeinated drinks like Bang Energy, coffee, Red Bulls, and Monsters. With Bang and coffee being the most popular, each beverage has several different flavors and each drink has a different nutritional value to it, coffee and Bang Energy leading towards the “ healthier side” and Red Bulls and Monsters tipping towards the “ unhealthier side”. Many athletes that participate in Zero Hour lifting classes in the morning are seen carrying Bang Energy cans to “re-energize” themselves and to prepare them for the day ahead of them. Tavion Byrd  (23) said. “I drink Bangs mainly because they taste good but, no doubt about it, they do provide me energy”. With over 21 flavors of Bang, this drink is sparking a trend within Eaton High School. Byrd said “My go to Bang flavor is Rainbow Unicorn, it sounds crazy but it is very good.” Rainbow Unicorn Bang is a mix of bubblegum and watermelon flavoring. 

From iced coffee with a million different flavors, to just plain black coffee, it is obvious that from students to staff members it is very popular. Bree Vincent (23) said. “Coffee is my favorite drink to bring to school because it gets me through the long school day. It also gives me energy to be social with my classmates and makes me feel less like a zombie.” Coffee can come in many shapes and sizes, and with the holidays rolling around, flavors like pumpkin and peppermint are showing a spike in popularity. Vincent said. “My go to coffee if I am bringing it to school and around the holidays would definitely have to be normal black coffee with a cookie creamer. If I am bringing coffee to school it is always hot coffee because I am making it at home, but I love both hot and cold coffee.” 

Students can get energy from several different things but for the most part caffeinated drinks are a go to.