TikTok trends gone wild

TikTok is influencing new trends each day


Amanda Davis, Staff Reporter

With over 800 million users, TikTok has created a platform that has influenced some very questionable trends. Some of the trends include the Tide Pod challenge, the concussion challenge, and spin the bottle with egg headshots.

When TikTok first began teens were daring each other to eat Tide Pods. People were putting Tide Pods on their pizza and frying them. Ashleigh Williams (23) said “I thought it was very strange, but also a very funny joke. I remember joking about people who ate them.” Most of the witnesses of the trend found it funny to watch but still understood the underlying absurdity

Another TikTok generated trend was the concussion challenge. The concussion challenge had teens throwing objects into the air like a basketball and let it fall onto their heads. People would take this challenge to a new level each time to make it worse by throwing a bunch of other more harmful objects. Ellie Bjork (22) said “I think that it’s a stupid trend and that people are not thinking about the outcomes that concussions have throughout your life. And hurting yourself shouldn’t be a trend. Repeatedly getting concussions can lead to mental diseases like Parkinson’s, which I am witnessing a family member go through.”

TikTok has made so many trends throughout the years so many good ones and some that can aren’t the best, and there have been so many people that have participated in them. This includes the most recent trend that you spin a bottle and then whoever it lands on gets an object thrown at them like an egg. Emma Pinkstaff (22) said “I mean it looks fun, it just depends what you are throwing if it’s dangerous or not. Eggs aren’t that harmful so I mean it doesn’t look that bad to me.”