Swimmers become pool ready

Swimming team has an exciting season ahead of them


Abigail Vondy, News Editor

Nineteen girls are readying their swim caps for the most exciting swim season yet. This year’s swim and dive team has the highest number of participants than it has had in the past four years. The new strength in numbers has the swimmers eager to see all the new talent and possibilities that will come in the following months. Senior swimmer Leah Fetzer (20) said, “I think this swimming season is going to go really well. We have a lot of new swimmers, but we also have a lot of swimmers who have swum club. And last year we were so close to winning conference, so I think we have a shot at winning conference this year, especially with all the new swimmers.”

Official swim practices began November 11 for the swimmers, and Coach Hattie Carlson is already sensing the new potential. “I’m expecting Lexi Bruntz (22) to be a state finalist, Caitlyn Morgan (23) should be a state qualifier, Reata Moore (23) is going to be a great diver for all of us, and Emma Bjork (20) will hopefully be up there with a state time. And I think we are going to get some really good relays with those swimmers,” she said. 

Bruntz was one of the state qualifiers from last year and she shares the same excitement for the new season. She said, “I’m looking forward to all the new swimmers. Just seeing what they can do and hopefully helping to get them to state.”

The first meet of the season will be on December 3 at the Eaton High pool. With the new strength in numbers and girls with great mindsets, this could be the best swimming season yet. Coach Carlson said, “We are gonna have a lot of fun. We have a really good group of girls. They are here to work hard, and they are here to have fun. They all have a great attitude and I think that is going to lead to success.”