‘We are the champions’

Reds marching band wins State Championship


Charlotte Reynolds, Feature Editor

The Fightin’ Reds Marching Band finished their season strong, becoming the first-ever Eaton band to win State Championships. Last season the band made it to State Championship finals for the first time and placed fourth overall.

Natalie Dyer

Each rehearsal of hard work led to the band‘s victory on Monday, November 4. The band ended its season with its highest score, 77.15, the perfect way to end.

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“To me, the finals performance felt like the climax of this four-year journey I’ve been on.””

— Colton Sell

The band placed second in the semi-final round, right under The Classical Academy by a tenth of a point. This left room for motivation to improve and to leave an unforgettable performance on the State field. High brass section leader Nick Sell (21) said, “My last performance of ‘Home’ felt like home. I finally knew what it was like to be a part of something truly great. When I locked eyes with Colton for my very last note I knew I did my job, and I did it well. Knowing it was my last time I would play this show, I felt proud.”

Natalie Dyer

Every band member shared a cathartic sensation as they completed their show. Front Ensemble section leader Joelle Green (20) said, “Our last performance was definitely our best. I was soaking it all in by listening to the show as a whole, as I turned around to face Nick that’s when the emotions started to kick in.”

Natalie Dyer
Natalie Dyer

Following their finals performance, it did not matter to the band whether or not they won first place because they knew they left every bit of their energy and emotion on the field. The band entered the field one last time along with each finalist band to hear the results. Drum Major Colton Sell (20) marched front field to salute and accept the first place State Championship trophy. Nick Sell (21) said, “It felt amazing hearing that we were first. I looked around and saw so many smiles, I didn’t know if I should smile or cry. It was a moment I will never forget.” The 2019 Eaton Fightin’ Reds Marching Band has become historic by making records at every competition they competed in this year but most importantly becoming the first Eaton band to win State.


Kim Sell