Eaton brings ‘Home’ another win

Marching band wins first place at Regionals

Charlotte Reynolds, Feature Editor

The Fightin’ Reds Marching Band brought home their third trophy Monday night. The band competed at the CBA Regional Marching Competition on October 14. They won first place for the 1A, 2A, and 3A divisions. Their scores are improving with every competition they attend. At regionals, the band scored a 76.20, Eaton’s highest record score. Although they performed very well, there is still room for improvement. Drum Major Colton Sell (20) said, “This band has the potential to be state champions. I want them to do that, but that’s not the most important goal for me. I want everyone in the band to look back and remember the season as a whole.

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“One trophy doesn’t represent all the memories we made during the year.”

— Colton Sell

Colton’s leadership mentality can be seen through drumline section leader Anna Augustine (20). Augustine said, “My goal is to finish this season by leaving it all on the field. This is my last show for my Eaton Marching Band experience, but more so, state will be our last performance of Home. I want everyone to perform for each other and the family we’ve built. If we do that and stay humble, all of our hard work this season will be worth it.” Augustine’s philosophy has helped individuals in the band make the most of their season. Marching band is all about improvement and working as a team to present the best show possible.

Natalie Dyer
Clarinets performing at Regionals

Low brass section leader Klara Cordova (20) said, “I’m proud of our band because even though we’ve definitely surpassed all expectations of this season, we still want to grow and get even better. I’m so proud to be a part of this journey.” The Reds marching band will perform this year’s show for the final time on their home field on October 25. To conclude the season, the band will compete at the State Championships in Grand Junction on November 4.