Swimmers 1-2 off the bock


Teja Lemaster

The Eaton girls swim and dive team began their promising season with impressive showings. Overall, the Reds have a 1-2 record with five meets left in the season. Although Eaton lost its first meet against Holyoke, it prevailed in the second, winning the meet against Estes Park. The first meet was tragically close; Eaton scored 88 and Holyoke scored 89. Eaton beat Estes Park in the next meet by a landslide with a score of 95 to 65. On the Dec. 13, the team had its third meet against Berthoud., falling short with a score of 111-66.

Strong swimmer Mckenna McGehee (19) had an astounding performance at the Estes meet. McGee swam in two relays and two individual events, placing first in all four events. McGehee said, “So far the season has been good. We have a lot of girls who have never swam before and they are working super hard to do their best. We swam against Estes and I’m proud of these girls for supporting them because they only had seven girls swimming.”

Swimmer Jasmyn Thornberg (19) said, ”This season is going so great and I’m so excited the girls tried out this season. Estes will be in my memories for one of my last greatest meets.”

Senior Dayana Pena (19) said, “This is my first year doing swimming. It’s been really hard, but fun being with all the girls. I’m really proud of all their accomplishments so far, a lot of girls have already had qualifying times for state.”

This season’s diving team has only two competitors: seniors Coco Sviatko and Jamie Bulzomi. The two have been coached by the head swim coach, Hattie Carlson, who has had to simultaneously coach the two groups. Sviatko said, “We’ve only had three meets where I dive and only one of them actually had other divers, but I look forward to January when our season gets busy.”

Coming up next for the Lady Reds is a meet at Skyline on Jan. 11.