Reds suffer defeat


Noelle Meagher

Good blocking in the back field allow Derek Renfroe (20) to run the ball for a large gain of yards.

Quinci Johnson, Social Media Editor

Noelle Meagher
Jimmy Beamon (19) and team recover the Cougars fumble.
Noelle Meagher
Gage Butler (21) blocks as Spencer Renfroe (20) runs the ball.

The 5-1 Reds football team faced the undefeated Resurrection Christian Cougars, on Friday, Oct. 12. The Reds came off a big homecoming win against The Academy the week before.

The first quarter was slow scoring, with Resurrection being the only one to score. The Reds stellar defense kept the Cougars from scoring more than once in the first quarter. While the defense was quick to get going, the Reds offense took some time to start scoring. The Reds knew their potential but Jimmy Beamon (19) said, “I feel like Rez underestimated us, that’s why we did so well in the first quarter.”

Early in the second the Reds were still struggling to score, and only allowed one Resurrection touchdown. Ty Garnhart made a huge momentum playing change towards the middle of the second quarter by stopping the Cougars from completing a two point conversion. Shortly after the big stop, teammate Javi Hernandez (20), caught Scotty Grable’s (21) 20 yard touchdown pass to make the score 7-12. After his touchdown, Hernandez said, “It put us back into the game, we were only down one score. It gave us confidence that we could get back in it”. The Reds defense intercepted the Cougars pass right before the end of the of the first half.

Going into the third quarter, the Reds had gained confidence but still couldn’t find a way to score. The Cougars scored again early in the third and completed the extra point making the score 7-19. The Reds defense forced a fumble that was recovered by Jimmy Beamon (19). Jeremy Murano (19) said, “Our defense played well. We had a lot of effort on both sides of the ball, that’s one positive we can take away”.

During the fourth quarter the Reds offensive still struggled against the stellar Cougars defense. While there were many good plays offensively, none of them were converted into points. Resurrection Christian scored one last time late in the fourth making the final score 7-26. The Reds gave their best efforts throughout the game, Danny Chavez(19) said, “we gave our best effort even though we were down for most of the game”.

The Reds are now 5-2 and are ranked 10th in 2A football. Eaton football only has two games left in its normal season before they begin playoffs for the state championship title. The Reds next game will be played against Prospect Ridge Academy on Saturday Oct. 20. The Miners are 1-6 on their season so far.