Golf takes home a first place finish at regionals

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Golf takes home a first place finish at regionals

Dayana Pena, Managing Editor

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The Reds prepare for state after they dominated regionals for a first place finish. Overall, the golf team won the tournament with a total of 224 points on Sept 17.

Eaton golf coach, Gino Maio said, “This is one of the better teams. Especially with the top 3, Peter [Grossenbacher], Walker [Scott] and Bryce [Leafgren]. It’s probably the best team I have had in a long time. Our expectations are really high.”

Taking first place at the tournament, Grossenbacher scored a total of 70 points at the Boomerang Links golf course. The boys have had a strong season and left it all on the course as they scored under a 100 points each. Grossenbacher said, “I think we have a bunch of great chemistry. I really like spending time with Walker, Bryce, an Logan. We all love to give each other some flack, but its all in good fun. We all keep each other in check when we are out on the golf course and keeping each other practicing hard.”

They motivated each other for a win. Scott (20) said, “Last year when the kids in our team would have a bad round we would be super down on ourselves and down on the team, but this year I think that we just all feed off of Peter’s energy.”

Scott scored a total of 76 points of Monday. In previous years Scott said that they always had a negative mentality after each round if they did not do good, but now “because of the team vibe and the brotherhood of our golf team, after my round I was still smiling and having a good time. I appreciate the moments I have with them.” Leafgren scored 78 points, while Logan Hoffner finished the regional championship with 99 points.

The boys will advance into the State Championship. Scott (20) said, “I really think we have a good chance at winning state. We have a really good chance if Peter, Bryce, Logan and I all pull in together. I think we can do it as a team.”

The Reds will be competing at the Patriot League Championships at Sterling on Monday, Sept 24 at 8 a.m.