Eaton football picks apart Sterling in a 37-25 outing


Noelle Meagher

Javi Hernandez (11) tackles Sterling player

Quinci Johnson, Social Media Editer

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The fighting Reds football team took on the Sterling Tigers at home for their first game of the season. In the first quarter, Scotty Grable (10) scored the first touchdown of the regular season with a short run on a quarterback keeper. The Reds defense overpowered the Tigers leaving them with a scoreless first quarter.
Starting the second quarter, Grable threw a touchdown pass to Benjamin Faust (11). The Reds followed up the touchdown with a two point conversion making the score 14-0. The Tigers did not score until late in the second quarter with a run around the outside of Reds defense. The Reds stopped the tigers during their attempted for a two point conversion leaving the score 14-6.The Reds and Tigers went back and forth scoring throughout the rest of the quarter. Grable threw another touchdown pass to Judson Church (12), to score an Eaton touchdown. The Reds offense was just as strong as its defense, the Reds stayed on top for the entirety of Friday night’s game.
Although the Reds weren’t able to score in the third quarter their defense remained strong and only allowed one Sterling touchdown. Eaton was up 21-19 at the end of the third quarter.
At the start of the fourth quarter, the Reds came out fighting after being unsuccessful in the third quarter. Gage Butler (10), ran the ball in for a touchdown in making the score 26-19. The Reds defense stayed strong throughout the game and only allowed Sterling to score once, late in the fourth. The Tigers tried for a two point conversion, but overpassed due to the pressure of the Reds defense put on them. Eaton won the game 37-25. Wide receiver, Benjamin Faust (11) said, “We all came together as a team and showed a lot of people that we are going to do pretty well”.
Reds head coach Zac Lemon said “I’m very pleased with how they played tonight. We made a lot of mistakes, but those mistakes happen in week one and we will be better next week”. Sophomore Scotty Grable was named the Northern Colorado Player of the week for his performance, but Grable said the offensive linemen were key to the team’s success.The Reds continue to train and get better for their game against D’Evelyn on September 8th.