Reds’s season starts out rocky


Morgan Koeltzow, News Editor

The Reds won their first home game against the Weld Central Rebels, 10-4. Varsity had twelve hits. Eaton scores once in the first third, fourth, and six, and also scored six in the fifth alone. Weld Central Rebels had three errors to Eaton’s zero. The Reds were struck out only five times over the entire course of the game.

Eaton pitching allowed 11 hits and had 7 strikeouts.

Varsity won it’s second home game against Bishop Machebeuf, with a staggering score of 14-3. Seniors Jake Sandau, Travis Cunningham and junior CJ Blaskowski, all scored two runs. By the end of the third inning, the Reds had scored seven runs. They held Buffaloes to zero until the fourth inning when one run slipped by. During the second, third and fourth, the Reds scored another seven runs and their final score of 14. In the fifth Machebeuf scored two more runs, and with their final score of 3. Both Pitchers, Trent Kramer(18) and Jared Ure, (19) allowed only two hits each and kept Machebeuf to only three runs total. The Reds had 9 hits.Eaton had only two errors through the course of the game and had a .913 fielding percentage as a team.  The Reds closed the game holding the Buffs to 3 runs and 5 hits.

Eaton faced University at home on April 3rd and lost 5-15. It was a valiant effort as the red had 175 pitches total.  The University Bulldogs had an impressive 8 runs by the third inning and held the Reds to 0 until the fourth. The Reds gained some momentum and attempted a comeback, scoring three runs in fifth, another two in the sixth. The Reds had 3 hits, the Bulldogs 17 both teams had four errors.

The Reds next home game is April 6 a home tournament game against the Bennett Tigers.