Volleyball Five Peat: The legacy of legends


Morgan Koeltzow, News Editor

The red’s won their fifth consecutive state 3A championship on November 11, 2017. They played against University in the semi finals and won the first three sets, advancing them to the championship round where they faced the Lutheran Lions.

In an epic display of focus and dedication, the Reds made the match against UH seem like a scrimmage. The dynamic and demeanor on the court was controlled and the energy level was high. Setter, Chelsey Lockey (19), was a key point in the Reds’ offense in the semifinals against the University Bulldogs, and scored an incredible amount of dumps. Another impressive force was hitter Makenzie Harris (19), who scored 17 kills. The girls hung on to  the lead and put another win under their belt as they swept University, 3-0 to advance to the 3A championship. The closest University came to overcoming the Red’s powerful offense and disciplined defense was by a margin of two points. After beating all of its opponents in pool play, the Reds went on to beat University yet again, advancing to the state finals to take on the Lutheran Lions.

Alexis Lamoreaux, (18),allowed little over her hands, amassing 11 block assists and two solo blocks. Lamoreau also had 10 attacks under her belt.

Harris had twenty total kills and 37 attempts. Alicia Lovell,(18), had an incredible 25 digs.

In a familiar scene, the students sections for both teams fired back and forth with witty chants, each time fueling the fire of animosity. During the state championship game, Eaton’s student section cheered for Lewis-Palmer while Lutheran called its  timeouts. Both Eaton and Lewis-Palmer, were playing against private Christian schools. The game was a fast paced match, each team scoring several times in a row before the Red’s won their fifth consecutive state title in 3A. “It’s been an incredible year with these girls, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds,” said Darcie Kaiser, a senior said.

Eaton graduates five seniors, Darcie Kaiser, Ana Scott, Kennedi Ingram, Chelsey Lockey, and Alicia Lovell, all who played an immense part in upholding Eaton Volleyball’s legacy  that was left behind from the four years of championships prior.