Eaton Reds claim the division title against Resurrection Christian


Dayana Pena, Sports Editor

The Eaton Reds win the 2A Patriot League West title

The Eaton Reds conquered the Resurrection Christian Cougars with a 21-12 victory and took the 2A league champion title on Friday 27. Last year, the Reds missed the playoffs due to the new RPI system set into place, but this year they systematically conquered each team until they earned an automatic entrance into the playoffs and the privilege to host the first-round playoff game on their home turf this Saturday.

Offense: On the offensive side of the ball, Austin Coalson (18) passed a total of 177 yards with a 75 percent completion. 12 total passes were received by seniors Jake Sandau, Cole Herring, Evan Anderson, and Jason Landen. The team totalled 306 all purpose yards.

Defense: The seniors Justin Cunningham (18) and Braeson Lewis (18) led the team earning a sack and pushing back the Cougars 10 yards. With a total of 48 sacks, the Reds pushed back Resurrection Christian offensive line as they slipped through and only scored one touchdown throughout the entire game.

Special teams: Hayden Gavette (18) and Trenton Kramer (18) both completed interceptions to bring the ball back to the Reds offense. Pedro Duarte (18) completed a total of 5 kickoffs averaging 46.4 yards.

Next Game: 1st round of play-offs

Eaton v. Sterling @ 1:00 p.m