Kingsman: the Golden Circle


Morgan Koeltzow

Sequel with potential disappoints with over-the-top action

A sequel is going to have to pull of something extraordinary, and to top what was seen as an exaggerated 21st century James Bond, that was too great a feat for Director Matthew Vaughn. In Kingsman: The Golden Circle, there were many action shots like the first but a few too many pan around the face mid-air leap around bullet scenes made the movie too unrealistic. The sequel had a lackluster plot line that made it unique, with a comedy twist on the typically dry spy genre.

The movie started off with a literal bang as seen in the trailer when Kingsman HQ was blown up. Anytime a headquarters gets blown up, there is bound to be death and a few fan favorites were lost. Eggsy, the main character however, lives and has to save the world again along with Harry Hart, Merlin and the American version of the Kingsmen, The Statesmen.

Overall the movie was a quick paced, and witty picture but lost some of the character arc that was evident in the first. The over-the-top gadgets gave the movie a comic book aura that was not as prevalent in the first, and lost what some considered the best qualities that Kingsman: The Secret Service brought to the spy genre. A star studded cast enriched the screen as Halle Berry, Channing Tatum, Elton John, Julianne Moore, and Jeff Bridges joined the cast. The movie has received only 50% on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie is rated R and is not recommended for people under 17. The movie has received higher ratings in the UK, and somewhat lower in the US.