Reds demolish Strasburg 25-3 in first set


Ana Scott rejects a tip after a tight Strasburg set.

Sydney Booth

Reds pull through despite lack of energy

The Reds blew the Strasburg Indians out of the water on September 12, defeating the team 25-3 in the first set. In the second set, energy waned for the Reds. Early in the set, it was tied 9-9 with Strasburg. Eaton pulled away eventually, winning 25-16. The third set also lacked the momentum of the first set; Eaton won 25-9.

Eaton’s Makenzie Harris (19) scored big for the Reds with 13 kills, followed by Darcie Kaiser (18) with 8, and Ana Scott (18) with 6. Libero Alicia Lovell (18) led in digs with 19, followed by Scott with 8. Scott said, “It’s important for us to keep up energy because a lot of times, when teams aren’t as experienced or as old as us, it’s easy to play down to their level.”

Head coach Gwen Forster said her team lacked focus in the second and third sets, emphasizing that her team needs training to stay in the whole game. “The immaturity in understanding the game,” Forster said, “not youthfulness immaturity, but just recognizing that we are capable; we just have to continue to drive. They obviously got the ball back over in the second set. So it just takes some time and in the third set, it needed to be better. It shouldn’t be acceptable.”

Up next, the Reds will play in the Eaglecrest Tournament at Cherry Creek on Friday, September 15. Their first opponent will be Brighton, followed by Cheyenne Mountain.