Softball Defeats University In first game of season


Morgan Koeltzow

Reds show solid team effort with upper and under-classmen joining ranks

Freshmen Autumn Schuler and Jenni Jarnigan joined Junior Lauren Frink (19) to start and finish strong against University for a 4-2 win on Tuesday, Aug. 22. Senior Emma Meagher played a solid game as well batting in two runs. In an impressive show of defense, Frink pitched the entire seven-inning game to Schuler who kept several runners from advancing. Schuler said, “I was nervous at first, but once I started playing the game, after the third inning, I was fine.” Jarnagin (21), played second base for the entire game.Remington Ross (20) scored the first run of the game after stealing third and taking home after Frank hit hard into center field. Emma Meagher (18) batted in another run, making the score at the bottom of the first Eaton 2, University 0.

The only runs scored by University were in the top of the third after the batter fouled off several of Frink’s pitches. 

Eaton pulled ahead in the fifth when Meagher batted in Melanie Fye (19), making the score 3-2. Schuler took home and the score went to 4-2. The Reds held that score for the rest of the game and defeated University in the first official game of the 2017 season.

Up next, the Reds will play Lyons at home on August 31.