Future Strongman, Walls has change of passion

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Future Strongman, Walls has change of passion


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by Devan McKenney

Eaton’s diverse cultures allows anyone with a passion to follow their dream to the full extent. Blake Walls (16) has gone from a striving DJ with $10,000 in equipment to being on track to compete in the 2024 World’s Strongest Man competition. Walls said, “I feel like I can progress more in Strong Man than music. I hit a dead point in music. The way I see it is ten months ago I started and I was worthless in the gym. Now, the numbers I am putting up is keeping me going.”

Walls has dedicated himself fully to training. “I train two times a day, seven days a week. I feel like I have to get my two hours of training in at night. If my friends ask me to go do something I can’t because I feel awful if I miss a workout,” said Walls.

In addition to massive gym time, Walls has decided to change his diet so that he can reach his maximum performance. “I eat around five to 6,000 calories a day. It consists of chicken and I eat a lot of oatmeal,” Walls said.

Walls is even considering selling his music equipment to pay for Strongman equipment. The equipment that Walls needs that may not be found in a common gym, he has built himself. “This summer I will have every event from Strong Man in my backyard,” Walls said. Currently Walls has built his own equipment for events like Farmer’s Walks and Log Press.

As an amature competitor, Walls has been able to accomplish some of his personal goals. “I competed in Colorado and got first in my weight class a month ago,” Walls said. With his win, Walls received his Gold Card. The Gold Card is the first of four steps until Walls can compete in World’s Strongest Man.

The 6 foot 5 inch, 235 pound competitor has grasped the attention of some potential sponsors. Maximum Human Performance is currently in the trial stage with Walls, in which they have provided him with various supplements.

Walls is most proud of the amount of weight he can deadlift. “Over Christmas Break I was training to deadlift a car,” said Walls. Walls can traditional deadlift 505 pounds. “It’s all mind games,” says Walls, “Most people look at the bar and see the number it says. For example, if I am lifting 750 pounds, I think to myself that it is only 250 pounds.” This is a tactic that Walls has incorporated to lift massive amounts of weight.

Walls is inspired by Fort Lupton’s own three-time World’s Strongest Man winner Brian Shaw. Like Shaw, Walls hopes to turn his hobby into a career. At only 18 years old, Walls hopes to make this a reality by 2024, when he plans on competing as a professional.