Inside Eaton photo gallery

Cameron Moser

By: Cameron Moser

Below are the first 10 pictures of a gallery that will be posted once every two weeks. The pictures are not typically what one would find here at the Eaton Red Ink, but I do hope you enjoy them. Some were sent to me by friends, but the majority are things I thought were fairly obscure and needed to be shared. The more confusing photos will be captioned (fingers crossed that most, if not all will need a caption) and explained. Further, it is important to know all people in these photos have graced us with allowing their photo to be used. So, that being said, enjoy the people and things that make Eaton a weirder town than you think.



This tempting button is found in our very own Eaton High school. The button has gained infamy here at EHS and sadly, no, it does not release a Kraken………..I’ve tried.



Again yet another photo from inside Eaton High School, and to answer the questions you are probably thinking, yes that is Will Ferrell, yes his face is shrunken, yes it is on every computer, and yes I did do it myself. “Well Cameron that’s a staged picture,” some might say, to that I say this, “It took me 35 minutes to do so shut up and enjoy it.”



This needs very little explaining I just think Vegetarians are hilarious, especially that enormous guy who looks like he was dragged there by his Vegetarian girlfriend to his left. I mean seriously you don’t get that big without a diet of nothing but red meat, you expect me to believe he grew like that from tofu? Also it’s important I add something about my quarrel with Vegetarians. No one cares about your diet, so keep your sprouts shopping escapades to yourselves.



First of all let me thank J.D. Truax for sending me this piece of artistic perfection he rightfully named “Bread Cat.” What more do you need to know?



I’d honestly rather have you just decide for yourself what you think of this, so I’ll just let you sit with this and remember the next time you think your life sucks, it’s still better than this chicken’s.



I sure wish I had this Coke for when I saw my very first crush in 6th grade, although a funeral may not have been the best place to produce a “Naughty Coke.” Oh yeah and photo cred to Devan McKenny.



Let me tell you all how much I love Sierra Price for allowing me to use this picture that I like to call, “Scarface or Sierra?” Don’t get all bent out of shape either, it’s just baby powder.



Carrot Dude!



Im no veterinarian, but this here dog is what I would diagnose as a free spirit. He wandered here to Eaton from Ault, that’s a Lord of the Rings sized adventure for a dog. Also his face looks silly and he was fat.



Brody Wyatt Cary everyone. A round of applause for this mystical being of a human, who apparently enjoys posing strangely on children’s playground equipment.