Second semester enrichment begins

Enrichment classes available for all EHS students in the new semester


Julia Meagher, Staff Reporter

Every quarter, EHS offers students many enrichment opportunities. Enrichment classes are designed to allow students to pursue non-academic or academic interests that are not offered by the school as classes. Students have the opportunity to make new connections with other students who share the same interests. These classes offer a break from their academics and create well-rounded students.

Science teacher at EHS, Erin Pierson said, “It gives kids a chance to see their teachers in a different environment, and we get to interact with each other in a more relaxed setting.”

 To finish the 2022-23 school year, EHS is offering 30 different enrichment classes to students for the second semester. Students chose what enrichment class they would like to take by registering through a Google survey. Seniors had priority for these classes, then the choices descended through grade levels. These classes began on Feb.7.

Each enrichment class offered falls into one of the following categories: Games, sports, competition, school involvement, learning something new, academics, and relaxation/ enjoyment. With an abundance of categories, students can partake in a class that interests them. 

Three different classes will be offered for students to play different games. Tabletop gaming allows students to choose which tabletop game they would like to play from day to day. A card game called Cribbage will be available for students who choose. Games, games, games is the last game-oriented enrichment that is offered to students who want to play any form of game like board games, chess, and trivia.

A wide variety of sports enrichment activities are provided this semester as well. In Fly tying, students will learn how to make flies for fly-fishing. Football knowledge breaks down the game of football, making it easier to understand. Students can learn the fundamentals of cheerleading and develop skills in the Rowdy Red class. In Basketball X’s and O’s, students will examine and break down game films of the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams. Students interested in the history of baseball can dive back in time to learn about the origins of the game by taking the Baseball enrichment. In Ultimate frisbee, students will compete against their classmates by playing a game with flying frisbees. 

Students who wish to be involved in planning school activities can join one of two different classes. In the student council class, students will be preparing school events for the rest of the year and the beginning of next year. All planning and preparation for this year’s prom will be done by students taking the prom prep class. 

Learning something new can be hard without some direction. Several teachers are offering classes to share their passions for learning a new activity or skill. Arabic 101 teaches students the Arabic alphabet, greetings, and numbers, as well as the culture surrounding the Arabic language. Students will learn about the details of fascinating true crime stories in True Crime Junkies. Those who wish to learn a different style of dancing can take Line Dancing, to learn about both country and mainstream line dances. Sit and Knit is not just for students who wish to learn how to knit, but can also teach students how to crochet.

Mayzie Helzer (24) said, “My favorite part about enrichment (Sit and Knit) is knowing I tried something new and I could make something out of it in the future.”

Although enrichment classes are usually a time for students to have a break from their normal course load, some classes offer extra time for students to work on assignments for their other classes. These academic-focused classes also allow students to prepare for their clubs or the future. Students who need study hall time to complete assignments or extra help in a subject can take advantage of either ELA Study Hall, Math Study Hall, Deadline Heroes, or Musicians Need practice. Writing for enjoyment and self-expression can be done in the Write On class. Art Club offers students the opportunity to express their creativity by creating any art project they would like. Robotics Time allows students on the EHS Robotics team, or any student interested in the building of a robot, to have extra work time. Any student who may need some guidance in researching colleges or filling out scholarship applications can receive assistance in Scholarship Writing and College Prep.

Getting a moment to relax in between classes can take place in several enrichment classes. Bullet journaling offers students the opportunity to organize their life by writing out their thoughts. In Catch Up-Clean Up students can organize their backpacks and homework load to help destress. Students can sit back and watch movies in the Disney Movie Marathon, or play cards and color in the Nature Documentaries, Coloring, and Card Games class. Students who would like to read any book of their choice can participate in Enjoyment Reading.

With a wide variety of options, students had the opportunity to choose an enrichment class they took an interest in. Every student will attend their enrichment class on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the remainder of the school year.