Three new long awaited albums are getting released

Top country music artists are bound to release new music soon


Amanda Davis, Sports Editor

Some music artists have been teasing new songs for awhile, and their fans have been waiting for a long time. Country artists like Jordan Davis, Luke Combs, and Morgan Wallen are expected to release their new albums soon.

Morgan Wallen released some of his songs from the new album but not all of them. The album contains 36 songs and a lot of features, and is to be released on Mar. 3. Wallen has been in the music industry since 2014 and in that time he has released three studio albums, three extended plays, 12 singles and 13 music videos. One Thing At A Time will be his fourth album. There have been quite a few people saying that Morgan Wallen has been drifting away from the ‘country’ aspect of his music. Aralee Rinebarger (24) said, “I definitely think he is. He’s been a lot different. You can definitely see a change in his music as well. He just hasn’t acted the same. He’s been caught in a few ‘controversies’ I guess you can call them and it’s kind of ripping away his fan base, not just his ‘country’ aspect.”

Luke Combs’ newest album, Gettin’ Old, has a tracklist of 18 songs and a lot of features. The album is set to release on Mar. 24. Rinebarger said, “What I’m looking forward to most about this album is it’s a new refresh of songs. His older songs are amazing but sometimes it’s nice to have new songs to listen to.” While being in the music industry since 2014, Luke Combs has released three studio albums, four extended plays, and 15 singles. 

Jordan Davis will be releasing his album, Bluebird Days, on Feb. 17, which includes 17 songs and two features. Jordan Davis has been making music since 2017 and has released one album and two extended plays. This new album Bluebird Days will be his second album since 2018, when he released his very first album Home State

The fans of these artists have been waiting for these new albums for a long time, and they will finally be getting them soon.