Boys Basketball defeat Platte Valley


Rylee Martin, Managing Editor

The infamous rivalry between the Reds and the Platte Valley Broncos is always a game that is bound to be intense. Last Saturday boys’ basketball defeated the Broncos 72-70 at home. The back-and-forth game made the game fun to watch; the boys exemplified pure grit and competitiveness. In the first quarter, both teams were tied at 18 points. Going into halftime, the Reds led 33-31. As the Reds fought to pull away with a lead, Platte Valley would return, quickly scoring a point right after. Basketball is a high-speed game, making it very difficult to regain composure after one team starts going on a scoring run. Zac and Will Grable (23) led the boys with 17 points and Peyton Walker (24) was right behind with 16. Z. Grable spoke on the matchup against the Broncos and said, “Platte Valley is always a fun game, and the amount of fans that showed up was pretty cool”. This basketball season, both boys and girls will face conference opponents twice, once at home and once away. So, this won’t be the last time the boys see the Broncos. As the boys prepare for the upcoming matchups ahead the mindset remains the same: “to play every game to the best of their ability,” said Cole Lockey (23). 

This was the first game since the gym floor has been redone and to start off the new year with a win is a huge accomplishment for the boys. Bouncing between practice times and adjustments of schedules due to the gym floor reconstruction, the boys have proven that adversity does not affect them. Learning to overcome adversity and hurdle any obstacles will only make this Reds team stronger. 

The boys will now face the Berthoud Spartans and the Sterling Tigers this week. The boys are now 8-1 and have high hopes to exit the first semester with a 10-1 record. To keep up with the Reds,  for weekly updates stay updated with Eaton Red Ink, and to watch live tune in to NFHS.