Senior Spotlight: Jocelyn Contreras


Maddie Fisher, Feature Editor

After high school, Jocelyn Contreras (23) plans on attending Point Loma Nazarene University for track and field while pursuing a biology degree. She is also applying to the naval ROTC program in hopes of becoming a part of the Naval Marine Mammal Program after college. “This program trains dolphins and sea lions, which has always been my dream job,” said Contreras.

At Eaton High School, Contreras is involved in National Honor Society (NHS), Key Club, LINK, and Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS). In NHS and Key Club, she is able to volunteer at the food bank and help with the Special Olympics and much more. Contreras also plays volleyball and does track and field. On the side, she trains at Simple Speed Training in preparation for her sports. “My favorite pastimes include being active: crossfit, hiking, and paddle-boarding,” said Contreras. She is very passionate about athletics and continually wants to seek improvement in preparation for her track season.

As a LINK leader, Contreras is very familiar with the EATON acronym. Her favorite letter from this is t for tenacity. “I’m always trying to show tenacity whether it’s in the classroom or in sports, because it helps build a strong character. I want to be known as someone who always gives 100% and doesn’t let anything get in the way,” said Contreras. Tenacity isn’t just applicable to sports but to academics as well, which Contreras also succeeds in. Many of her underclassmen look up to her as well as her peers. Being a leader almost comes naturally to Contreras. “It’s important to be a leader because it sets a good example of the expectations at Eaton High. You never know if someone is watching you for guidance. If you set high expectations for yourself and hold others to the same standards, it helps the school feed off of each other’s good qualities,” she said.

With around five months left until graduation, the time to set a legacy is almost up. For Contreras, it is the legacy of kindness and integrity that she wants to be left behind. “I hope people remember me as someone who always gave it their all, no matter what they were doing. I want to be known as someone who was welcoming and kind, regardless if you were my best friend or complete stranger,” said Contreras.

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