Netflix frenzy

New seasons of popular shows releasing soon


Julia Meagher, Staff Reporter

Three different shows are releasing new seasons within several weeks of each other. Ginny and Georgia, You, and Outer Banks will premiere their new episodes within the months of January and February.

Comedy drama, Ginny and Georgia, is a story of a young family trying to settle down in a wealthy New England town. The mother, Georgia, does everything to protect her children, but her past life always reappears. The complex family dynamic of Georgia’s kids both having different dads out of the picture makes their lives more confusing. Ginny and younger brother, Austin, find out Georgia’s secrets, stirring up the family. While each character has their own struggles, they find that their new start in a new town is off to a bumpy start.

The second season of Ginny and Georgia released Jan. 5. With 10 new episodes released, the series has a total of 20 episodes. Within the first day of being released, the show is in the top 10 list of watched TV shows on Netflix.

Teagan Humphries (24) said, “I love the first season and I’m so excited for the second season, because the first one left off on a crazy cliffhanger.”

You, a psychological thriller originally released in 2018, will release a fourth season. The show follows a young male bookstore manager, Joe Goldberg, and an aspiring female writer, Love Quinn. Joe quickly falls for Love and will go to no end to have her for himself. Joe does everything to make sure he can have Love, including using social media to follow her life and removing obstacles with force from his path. Season four of You will be released in two parts. Part one will release on Feb. 9, and part two will release Mar. 9.

Alin Rivera (24) said, “Joe being a professor in London is a really interesting concept. I’m going to keep a tally of how many people he kills this time.”

Drama series Outer Banks captures the adventure of a group of misfit teenagers hunting for legendary treasure led by the main character, John B. The treasure being linked to John B’s father’s disappearance, makes the adventure complicated. Along the way, the teenagers encounter forbidden romances, conflict with the rival social group, high-stake decisions, and life-altering decisions.

On Feb. 23, the third season of the show will premiere. A predicted 10 new episodes releasing will bring the show to a total of 30 episodes.

Avery Gray (24) said, “The last season ended on a cliffhanger, so I am extremely excited to see how the new season plays out!”

Previous top ten Netflix shows, Ginny and Georgia, You, and Outer Banks excite fans with their new episodes releasing in January and February. Students are excited about new additions to these shows.