World Cup Weekly: Brazil dances on in the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Brazil defeated South Korea 4-1 to advance to the quarterfinals of the World Cup


Eamon Shaw, Staff Reporter

Joga Bonito…a phrase in Brazil that embodies everything the Brazilian national team plays for. Joga Bonito, meaning “play nice” in Portuguese, are two words that mean everything to Brazil. Brazil’s soccer culture is like no other. The passion and excitement on the streets of Rio De Janeiro.

Brazil has won the most World Cups of any team in history, and has produced world stars like Neymar and Pele. Brazil brought this passion with them into Doha, Qatar. Brazil is truly one of the favorites to win this year’s FIFA World Cup and they are proving why. Brazil thumped South Korea by three goals in the Round of 16.

Brazil is the team to beat in this World Cup. The Brazillians showed intent against South Korea. After 36 minutes Brazil was leading South Korea by four goals. Brazil are one of the world’s soccer greats, but have failed to return to the top for 20 years. This year in Qatar, the giant has been awakened, and Brazil looks like the strongest team at the tournament yet, but greater tests lie ahead. The South American giants aspire to reach the peak in Qatar. 

After each goal scored for the Brazillians, the players dance together in a group, celebrating each goal. Head Coach of Brazil Tite, responded to the criticism about Brazil dancing after each goal, in a press conference with ESPN saying, “It is not being disrespectful, that is how we do things…as a culture, we will continue doing things in our manner Truly, this is what soccer is about-Brazil has shown the world their passion for the game.

The world believes that this year is Brazil’s year and they may be right. Brazil steam- rolled South Korea and look forward to playing Croatia in the quarterfinals Dec. 9. Brazil plans to take it one game at a time to reach the pinnacle of world soccer.