It’s only the beginning for boys basketball

Boys basketball is looking forward to the season to begin.


Amanda Davis, Sports Editor

As the fall sports season begins to wrap up, the winter sports are gearing up. On Nov. 14th, winter sports will officially be in play. With the EHS boys basketball team losing some seniors, Jaden Stone and Jordan Sidwell there are many that will be seniors this year and look forward to getting back on the court soon. Senior Cole Lockey said, “I’m looking forward to being a senior because we are the leaders and show good examples to the underclassmen.”

This season the Eaton Reds along with many other schools will be moved up from 3A to 4A. Lucas Stone (24) said, “Moving up from 3A to 4A will definitely cause a little bit of change just because we have never played some of the teams before. I don’t think that it will affect anything major, we just need to go out and play basketball.” 

In the previous season the lead scorers were Walker Martin (23) with 364 points, Zac Grable (23) with 348 points, Mitch Haythorn (24) with 343 points, Will Grable (23) with 181 points, Jaden Stone with 120 points, and Cole Lockey (23) with 118 points. The team had ended the season with an average of 63.4 points per game. They ended their season 16-9 overall and 6-4 in their league.

Just like every sport there are always struggles that come while playing, and the team will have to overcome those challenges. Head coach Dean Grable said, “The biggest challenge will be overcoming turnovers and nights when shooting the ball isn’t going our way.”

A lot of the seniors have been playing this sport all four years of high school for their own reasons. Zac Grable (23) said, “I really enjoy basketball and playing the sport. My love for the game is unmatchable and I also love being around the guys and the people that support us.”

Each team has something that is unique to them, and they display that uniqueness in many different ways. Cort Sanger (23) said, “What makes our team unique is the bond we have with each other and how we all get along, and the culture we’ve created.”

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