Girls basketball laces up

Eaton girls’ basketball moving up to 4A after CHSAA changes league classifications


Abiah Randel, Staff Reporter

Basketball season is just around the corner. For the Lady Reds, it is a chance to make it farther into the state playoffs than they were able to last season. They were 20-4 overall and 8-1 in league play last year, which is a good record, but it didn’t give them what they wanted: a state championship. They were able to make it to the second round of playoffs, where they faced Lamar and took a 4-point loss to end the season.

This year the league classifications have changed, which moved the Reds from being in the 3A Patriot League to the 4A Patriot League. The league consists of Berthoud, Resurrection Christian, Sterling, University, Valley, Weld Central, and of course, Eaton. Not only are the Reds in a new league, but they are going into the season with former assistant coach Chris Love as the head coach and former boys basketball assistant coach Amy Ross as Love’s assistant. These may present a bit more of a challenge for the Reds than last year, but it’s up to the players to decide how the season is going to go.

Senior Blayke Duncan has been a varsity player since she was a freshman and is now a leader for the Reds as the season gets underway. Duncan said, “I have just been waiting for the season to start and getting back into my fundamentals like shooting and ball handling as I did through the summer.” Duncan was also surprised when she found out the team was moving up to the 4A league but she was confident in the team. She said, “I think it will be a good challenge for us and I believe we are ready for the next level as other teams from our league will be moving up as well. The competition will be against teams we play regularly, so it won’t be entirely new for us.”

Madison Chavez (23), who has been a member of the basketball team for four years now, is also eager to see the start of the basketball season. Chavez said, “Throughout high school, I have pushed myself harder in order to grow as a player. I also built great relationships with my teammates and coaches, so I’m excited about my last season.” Chavez has a similar idea to Duncan about the season and what may lie ahead. She said, “I’m not sure how the season will go, but I feel that if we work together and strive for success, we will do great things this season.”

The season will officially start in December, but for now, open gyms are being offered for girls who are interested in playing. The players are excited about the new season and the new league. With the town watching, it will be interesting to see how the season goes for the Reds.