The dark truth behind the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Dark truths lie beneath the celebrations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup


Eamon Shaw, Staff Reporter

The United States men’s national soccer team will gear up in less than 100 days to compete in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

This will be the first time a Middle Eastern country will host the World Cup. The host country of Qatar will celebrate the FIFA bid for the country to host the World Cup, but a much darker truth lies beneath these celebrations.

When the country of Qatar was announced to host the World Cup, there were immediate calls for corruption in the selection of the host.

The US and many other countries have investigated these calls for corruption in the bidding. The favorite to win the bid in 2010 was the United States, but in Dec. of 2010, former FIFA president Sep Blatter announced Qatar would officially host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

Significant controversy surrounded Qatar as they were not expected to win the bid. FIFA executive committee members were alleged to have been paid $1.5 million to vote Qatar to host. Money plays a big role in the bidding process. The United States government estimated hundreds of millions of dollars were involved in Qatar’s bid.

It was stated Qatar spent $200 million on the bid. Alex Shaw(25) said, “I believe it is corrupt and a country should not be able to do this, it proves for the future if you want to host a World Cup, just dump a bunch of money at FIFA.”  This begs the question: Does Qatar deserve to host the World Cup?

Immigrants from all over the world have been contracted by the Qatar Kafala System; A system that gives private citizens and companies total control over migrant workers’ employment and immigration status. Essentially, with the system in place workers have no protection under any labor laws. To leave the job, a worker must gain the sponsor’s permission.

Immigrants from all over the world have been bound to this system and told to build these stadiums under the Arabic sun and in poor working conditions.

Over 6,500 migrant workers have died as a result. Teacher Drew Jorgensen said, “It is terrible, there is no excuse for it. Even if it’s building stadiums or whatever it is. It’s slavery. It’s too late for the UN or anyone to get involved now and it is not right how FIFA just swept it under the table, it is really just all about money.” 

Human rights have been violated. This story will not be a story of renewal for human rights, but much less an agenda that must be met by Qatar and FIFA. 

Currently, there is no hope for change because as soon as the ball is kicked off in November, the crowd will roar and a World Cup Champion will still be crowned. FIFA will be forgiven. Corruption will remain.

6,500 migrants will be forgotten because the World Cup stadiums must be built. Humanity must not stand by and do nothing. Humanity must stand against these terrible doings, but FIFA knows humanity will forget in November.

FIFA, the governing body of soccer has turned a blind eye, knowing the money will still pour in, the fans will still watch this World Cup, and the 6,500 dead migrants will be forgotten once the World Cup kicks off in November.

FIFA has always known this. FIFA expanded the soccer world and gave the Middle East its first-ever World Cup, but at what cost?