Eaton Reds steamroll Platte Valley Broncos

Reds continue their winning streak with a win against local rival

Kylie Schumacher, Staff Reporter

The Eaton Reds football team hosted their first home game on the new field and came out with a strong win against the rival Platte Valley Broncos with a score of 44-0. The reds are ranked number two and Platte Valley is ranked eleventh in the 2A division. 

The Eaton Reds had 36 touchdown points along with eight kicking points. Zac Grable (23) had five points after touchdown (PATs), one touchdown, and one field goal, scoring a total of 14 points for the Reds. Grable is a kicker, wide receiver, and outside linebacker for the Reds. Grable and his quarterback Walker Martin (23) have established a close bond in their three years of high school. “Walker and I always had a good connection whether that was on the basketball court or football field…. Our QB1 is very smart and does the right things he needs to do to make our team very successful. I’ve been playing with this group of guys for about four years now and we all know each other’s strengths and weaknesses so we all know what we need to work on and things that we are already good at,” said Grable.

Tate Smith (23) had two touchdowns. As a team, the Eaton Reds had six touchdowns, three from receiving and three from rushing yards, along with one interception from Trent Salberg (23). Salberg plays safety for the Eaton Reds. He emphasized how the Reds kept their momentum with a low-scoring game. “I feel like we always play the same game whether or not our opposite scores a lot or a little. We try to just be the best versions of ourselves and not play down to our opponents,”  Salberg said. 

The Reds have a winning streak of two and will play Severance this Friday, Sept. 16th. For weekly updates tune into Eaton Red Ink or NFHS to watch live.