The Man in the Red Bandana

9/11 firefighter Welles Crowther makes a difference in EHS Football.


Amanda Davis, Staff Reporter

During a tragic event that hurt the world on Sept. 11, 2001, there was a firefighter named Welles Crowther that carried a red bandana around with him, no matter what he did. He began carrying the bandana, given to him by his father, when he was six years old. As he grew up, he had always been a leader and was a team player. Crowther was the person to help others when they needed it. On that day in 2001, Crowther saved 18 people in the North Tower as it was burning. While risking his own life, he decided to go back up the stairs to try and save more people.

Each year during Eaton Reds football season, during pre-game before 9/11, head coach Zac Lemon shows his team the video “The Man in the Red Bandana.” The video talks about Welles Crowthers’ story, and who he was as a person. Zac Grable (23) said, “I think our coach shows this video to the team because he wants us to know that there is more to life than playing football, and we would not be living in this beautiful world without the courageous people and the brave people that save lives.” While watching the video each year, it touches someone’s heart for the first time and for some, another time.

Senior Walker Martin said, “The Man in the Red Bandana” taught me to work harder in life because nothing is guaranteed.” 

The video starts off by asking “What would you do in the last hour of your life?” Austin Martinez (23) said, “To be absolutely honest I don’t know what I’d do in the last hour of my life. I’d make an impact on someone’s life and help show them what ‘The Man in the Red Bandana’ showed me.” Hearing personal stories like Welles Crowthers’ shows people that one person can make a difference.