EHS Club Feature: Fellowship of Christian Students


Aubrey Ledall and

Eaton High School’s Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) is a club designated for students that want to worship and spend time with other students who share the same religion of Christianity. FCS offers students a safe place to share their beliefs and grow in their faith alongside other students. Students can be any denomination or not even practice the Christian religion to join the group on Fridays at lunch.

FCS is led by Bryce Smith (22) and Teagan Joseph (23) and is sponsored choir and physical education teacher, Mrs. Contreras. “FCS is founded on fellowship. Not just amongst our club, but throughout our school. We’re here to share the Good News and show how we care for everyone in our school and community,” Smith said. Throughout the school year, FCS has hosted activities such as See You at the Pole and FCS Week.  See You at the Pole gives students the opportunity to come together and pray as a group before school. FCS Spirit week was April 11-15 and members handed out gift cards and other small advertisements throughout the week that students were able to scan to find out more about FCS and the bible. FCS meets every Friday so on the last day of their spirit week, at lunch on Friday, FCS brought in Chick-Fil-A for students and encouraged them to listen to the message while they munched on chicken sandwiches. “FCS is really just there for the school as a whole. We love to help build and support each other and just be a firm foundation for others to lean on. In reality, nothing that FCS ever does is for the benefit of the club. The club is here to benefit the school and everyone in it,” said Smith. 

Contreras, the advisor of FCS, is also a big part of the club. “I love having FCS on Fridays because even if it has been a rough week coming together as like-minded believers and being able to pray for each other and have that safe place where you can discuss and pray over each other is important,” said Contreras. As the advisor, she is able to guide students in the right direction and help everyone in the club grow in their faith. FCS gives students the opportunity to spend time with others who share the same faith and want to grow as a believer every Friday at lunch; they encourage anyone to come in and see what it is all about.