“Blocked” once again

Online censorship seen around the school, with websites of all sorts being blocked


Dakota Braucher, News Editor

Censorship is important in a school setting because students will abuse their power to not do assignments if they are given a chance. Too much censorship, however, negates the ability for students to gain the information that they need. Access to information is one of the most important aspects of school and in a school’s success. With the way technology has advanced, much of the schooling process relies on the internet and getting information from such which is very hard to do when so many websites are blocked. Recently at Eaton High School, websites have been blocked left and right. 

This censorship in the school is frustrating for the students because simple words and phrases are censored, which ends up limiting access. Sophomore Alex Williams said, “It’s hard to do the projects that we need to do when I can’t access any of the information.” It is a daily inconvenience for these students to get their work done, because they aren’t able to do what they need to do. This is not only bad for the students but for the teachers as well. The teachers aren’t able to access some sites, and their students can’t get their work done when they need to. Language Arts teacher Texie Jonnson said, “It’s frustrating because you can’t plan in advance. You will have a whole lesson planned with a video or a clip and it will be blocked the next day.”  This is a problem for the students, teachers, and entire school, and just ends up hurting the students’ ability to learn.