Tilted Towers makes its return to Fortnite

The most popular drop spot for Fortnite gamers is back

Tilted Towers makes its return to Fortnite

Lucas Stone, Staff Reporter

Tilted Towers, one of the most popular drop spots in Fortnite, finally returned on Jan. 18, after a very long time. It has almost been two years since the volcano event whipped out the beloved Tilted Towers. The game of Fortnite had never been the same since that day. People love dropping Tilted because of all the excitement that it brings. It makes everything so much more fun. Now that it is finally coming back, many of the people that played Fortnite from the start were very ecstatic when they heard the news. Cole Lockey (23) said, “I am super excited that they are finally bringing back Tilted. Landing there for the first time brought back many great memories with the boys.” 

 The new update made Fortnite players become very happy because Tilted was one of the main places to drop when it was added. When it was taken out, other places became popular, but nothing like Tilted ever was. Not only did the update bring back Tilted, but it also added some exciting new features. These features include crowns as trophies after a victory and huge dinosaurs named Klambo. Even though Tilted Towers was the main attraction for the new update, other cool things were also added. Gunnar Duncan (24) said, “My favorite part of the update had to be Tilted. I can’t go against that. It is just so fun having a bunch of people drop there and do your best to take them out. There has never been anything in Fortnite like it.”

So many more people are back to playing Fortnite now because of Tilted Towers. The people that played from season one stopped playing because Tilted was one of their favorite places to drop. When they decided to bring it back, they wanted to ready up and jump right back into the game. Bringing back Tilted gave players a little hope that they would keep bringing back some of Fortnites’ greatest additions.