Budding author at EHS

Junior Ella Keenan wrote and published her own novel.


Aubrey Ledall, Staff Reporter

The hallways at EHS are filled with students tapping into their potential. Filled with creative words and literary ideas, junior Ella Keenan (23) decided to write and publish her own novel this past year. While most think of how tedious writing and publishing a novel would be, Keenan only thought of the skills she would gain from the experience. She published her novel all by herself by using KDP-Amazon; the publishing process with this company was pretty straightforward and came with instructions. “The hardest part of publishing was probably formatting everything myself,” said Keenan. 

She decided to write this book for multiple reasons. “I had the plot idea since middle school and I really wanted to do something with it,” said Keenan. She also decided that if she ever wrote a book it would be the type of book she wanted to read. Delta is a science-fiction and dystopian novel, Keenan’s favorite genre. Being in high school, Keenan had a low budget for the novel but still enjoyed doing everything herself. “My favorite part (of writing a book) was the writing part and planning out the characters,” said Keenan. The skills she gained from this experience have changed her life and she knows writing and publishing their own book could change other young authors’ lives as well. Offering advice to other writers, Keenan said, “I’d tell other people to write for themselves and no one else. It makes your writing better and there will always be critics.” Delta is about a 16-year-old girl living a relatively normal life, who one day wakes up to a perfect, almost too perfect world. As she adapts to her surroundings she learns to fight for what she wants while navigating secrets and love. This book is $7.99 and is available for purchase on Amazon!