Senior Spotlight: Ashlyn Crowder


Charlotte Reynolds, Managing Editor

Ashlyn Crowder (22) plans to continue her education through Arizona University’s online program for business and work for Walmart Distribution after graduation. Crowder plays the bass in Jazz Combo and Jazz Ensemble at Eaton High School. “I hope to be remembered for my involvement in music because it has given me awesome relationships and contributed a lot to my success,” said Crowder. As a leader, Crowder encourages those around her to be authentic to themselves.

She said, “The most important thing to me as a leader at Eaton High School is helping others be confident. In high school, students face pressure to fit in and become someone they’re not. If we all express our individuality, our younger peers will feel comfortable being their most true self.”

Through classes and extracurriculars, students like Crowder influence younger students in a positive way. “From the Eaton Acronym, Ownership is the most important trait to me because owning both your successes and your failures help you grow and mature.”