Communication Strategies and Solutions

Students take poll, and brainstorm the best ways that information is spread throughout the High School


Staff Editorial

The Eaton Red Ink conducted a poll on their  Instagram page, to determine what types of communication are best for the students of Eaton High School, and how students rely on getting information about the school. Whether this information includes the scheduled time of sports games, upcoming out-of-school events, or academic-related deadlines, the delivery of necessary information needs to be spread to all of the students. 

Results from the poll demonstrated that students get information through social media, email, and their school advisors. Information shared through these outlets is already successful to some extent, but that line could probably go a little farther, and improvements could be made. 

Students all learn differently, and acquire information very differently. That is what makes it hard for anyone to pinpoint exactly what the best form of communication is. A possible solution to this would be to advertise information in multiple different ways, and be certain that the information being spread to the students is getting to them correctly and timely. 

The school advising teachers are a great resource for communicating imperative information with the students. Several students reiterated this point through their responses to the Red Ink poll, and others thought of their advisors as a good means of sharing information. Many students are not on top of checking their emails, and school announcements are oftentimes missed as well. Advising teachers provide a face-to-face connection that many students gravitate towards to absorb information.

Another common answer on the poll was social media. The fact that students were replying to the poll on a social media platform, proves the validity of students’ engagement on social media, and shows their answers to be true. Perhaps the school could utilize social media on multiple platforms, and use the Red Ink to advertise and share out information as well, sending out information whenever needed to the student body through the newspaper’s platform.

There are several possible solutions to the problem. Students acquire information on a variety of platforms, so each of these solutions require consistency between all forms of media. 

More possible solutions included a weekly newsletter sent out or shown to all of the students, a google calendar that is made public to the student body, and encouraging students to spread the word when they know the facts. Regardless of the means of communication, a universal understanding of what is going on within the school is a difficult thing to obtain, and is being worked on constantly to help provide a healthier school culture and experience.