Powder Puff & Powder Stuff Recap


Rylee Martin, Feature Editor

After a long postponement, Powder Puff and Power Stuff was finally held and students were ecstatic. This event was scheduled to happen during Homecoming week, but was pushed back to October 22nd.. Powder Puff and Stuff is always a big hit with parents, teachers, and of course the students. Getting to choose a nickname for the back of the shirts and getting to coach fellow students is something that isn’t only entertaining to watch, but it was a good way to get students involved with school activities. Charlotte Reynolds (22) said, “My favorite nicknames were Kia Soul, Tent Sally, Pretty Boy, and Go With The Flow.”  The night started off with the junior and senior girls taking the field to battle in a friendly game of flag football. The ‘23 juniors started off the game strong as Madison Chavez (23) intercepted a ball and ran for a touchdown. After that the seniors took over, quarterback Zoie Floryance threw 3 touchdown passes to Ahana Leffler (22) and Scarlett Wray (22). Although traditionally the refs rig the system so that seniors win, the juniors put up a good fight. Coaches Trent Salberg (23), Austin Martinez (23), Walker Copeland (23), and Walker Martin (23) came up with several different plays for the girls to run but ultimately the senior class’s offensive line was too strong. Salberg said, “ The girls gave it a good try considering this was their first football game ever, but we have some things to work on for next year.” Of course, everyone’s competitive spirit made an appearance at the game, but that is what makes Eaton so special. Everyone has a passion for something and it shines through with whatever students do. Lexi Bruntz (22) said, “My favorite part of powder puff was absolutely destroying the juniors… but also getting to play in my first ever Powder Puff game on my senior year, it was so memorable and I am so happy we finally got to play in one since we didn’t get one last year.” With the senior refs being Jarred McCormack (22) and Bryce Smith (22) the boys had a blast getting to call different plays and get to use the seniority advantage to help the seniors secure the win. Jaden Stone (22) ran the chains for the football game as he was mentally preparing for the Power Stuff game. Stone said, “I wanted to carry the energy from the Powder Puff game to the Power Stuff game.” And the boys did just that. As the boys took the court and started the traditional warm-up the student section started to pack the stands to cheer on the boys. Splitting the stands from the junior to senior side student section leaders tried to come up with different chants. Leading the junior side was Will Grable (23) and leading the senior side was Dimitrius Reyes (22) and Karson Chadwick (22). Reyes “My favorite chant was when we chanted stick to baseball when Walker Martin served a ball into the net, and when we did the famous party chant where we try to out chant the juniors.” Once game time the boys showed no mercy. Coaches for the senior team were Megan St. Jean (22) and Ahana Leffler (22). Leffler said, “It was super fun to get to coach the boys because everyone was just super athletic so it was fun to watch everyone battle it out.” Coaches for the junior side were Gracie Tomlinson (23), Emily Maske (23), Rylee Martin (23), and Brooklin Frank (23). Maske said, “It was fun getting to set up our lineups, we got really creative and I thought that the boys had fun getting to dress up as well.” In the first set the junior won, the score was 25-22, in the second set the seniors came back with vengeance and took the set 25-20. To determine the match the final set was only scored to 15 points. After a nail-biter of a set, the juniors eventually came out on top with a win. The final score was  15-12. Zac Grable (23) said, “My favorite part about getting to play in Powder Stuff was getting to dress up and play with my friends, it was all friendly competition which is a good way to get away from all of our sports.” On both sides of the court the boys painted their faces with red and black to show school spirit. The Student Council set up all of the events for Powder Puff and Stuff, despite the delay, it was great to see the inclusion of Eaton High School students which has been the goal within the student council this year. As the 2021 annual Powder Puff and Stuff has concluded many memories were made and students can’t wait for next year’s competition.