Successful band concert in gymnasium

The EHS band overcomes challenges during renovations


Abigail Vondy, Editor in Chief

EHS band starts the year off strong. After an extended summer due to construction, the band had approximately five weeks to prepare for the first band concert of the year on Tuesday. Not only that, but the auditorium is currently closed due to renovations, so the band concert had to be held in the gymnasium. A large empty space like a gym is extremely difficult to play in. In fact, the current band room shares similar traits. The large, empty, yet to be renovated, band room developed into a key asset for the band. Percussionist Abigail Whitaker (22) said, “It has been kind of challenging not being able to play in an actual band room. It is so echoey in the room we play in, which makes it kind of hard, but we learned to deal with it and are able to still sound good. We make the best of it because we know how much it sucks to not be able to play at all.”

Covid has made the players appreciate performing on a more intimate level. They are all aware of what it feels like to not be able to play. Collectively the band has come to the conclusion that playing in a gymnasium is much better than being ripped from the opportunity completely. Clarinet player, Itzel Nunez (22) said, “It’s amazing to be able to play and have an audience. As a senior, I’m super grateful to have a normal start to our concert season.”

Band instructor, Logan Doddridge picked the music for the concert very intently. Considering the fact that they only had five weeks to prepare, the music was relatively easy to play and learn. He said that the bands can always be improving and he is excited to introduce more challenging pieces for the next concert in December. Regardless, Doddridge is still amazed at the students for their ability to overcome. “I’ve been really proud of them for adapting in our new area. We don’t really have a home right now. It really doesn’t sound good here. And a gym is not the best for a band concert either. I’m excited to be back in the auditorium for the next concert. I’m proud of them for being patient with all of the changes,” he said.