Journalistic writing class and yearbook takes a trip to The CSU (Colorado State University) campus for J-day

A field trip many students benefit from – the momentous event of J-day at the CSU campus.


Blake Hays, Staff Reporter

High Schoolers around the state have a shared interest in pursuing a career in journalism, photography, video recording, and editing. There is so much to be learned even if this isn’t the path needed aren’t interested in the journalism route as a career. This field trip gave EHS students the opportunity to learn from the professionals in their respective fields. There were several sessions offered, but the top 3 sessions were: but these were the 3 most taken out of the class: Photography w/ Grit, 90-second stories, Language Lesson: Why Words Matter. sessions were full of interesting facts. Abigail Vondy (22) said, “ my favorite part is toward the end when the man starts singing it’s always the best. And seeing what awards we won”. The trip was a great way to introduce us all as students to the next step and show the strengths of the CSU campus. The host of Photography with grit, Peter Griffin, was super excited to talk about the power of photography. For example angles and lighting and shutter speed and grid and fill the frame all of these were thoroughly explained. Every session had something new for students to learn, and being in an environment with those who share a passion for journalism was truly inspiring. Hopefully, J-day continues to encourage people to use the voice that they were given, continue to teach future generations about photography, video recording, and journalism.