Senior Spotlight: Zoie Floryance


Charlotte Reynolds, Managing Editor

Zoie Floryance (22) plans to attend the University of Wyoming to play tennis and study psychology next fall. At Eaton High School, Floryance is involved in Link Leadership, the tennis team, and FFA. Aside from school, she works at Maurices.

Through her leadership, Floryance embodies the values of EHS. “The most important thing to me as leader is helping everyone feel welcomed. I love dressing up in ridiculous costumes for volleyball games to show students our school culture is inclusive and accepting. We are all a family,” said Floryance. Students like Floryance who show up to support our school, create the family culture Eaton takes pride in.

Floryance said, “The parts of high school we will remember years after we graduate won’t be our classes and tests, it will be the time spent with our peers. I want my class especially, to leave behind a legacy of school spirit and involvement. High school is meant to be enjoyed and cherished. I hope to leave Eaton High School a better place.”

The class of 2022 will be the last to graduate from the “Old Eaton High” built in 1928. Leaders like Floryance will be remembered for the spirit and pride they brought to our community and school.