9 lives hang by a thread

Cat hangs onto the rope of a stadium as fans try to catch him with an American flag


Blake Hays, Staff Reporter

Fans attending the Miami Hurricanes home opener football game against Appalachian State on Saturday witnessed a shocking incident when a cat somehow snuck into the Hard Rock Stadium. Around halftime, many fans noticed a cat holding on for dear life. Multiple fans were trying to pull the cat up but were just out of range. Fans in the lower stands were preparing to catch the cat from below and a couple saved the cat with an American flag and was able to walk away harm-free. The cats’ savior then held the animal up for the crowd to see Lion King-esque fashion and earned as loud a round of applause and cheers as those after a Canestouchdown. Brayden Dean said, “ Everyone has seen this, I love how he holds it up like Simba”. This cat gained instant popularity and was adopted by a supportive family after spending a short time in the Humane Society