Students learn life lessons over summer through 4-H and FFA

Eaton students work hard to represent Eaton at the Weld County Fair


Emily Hogsett, News Editor

Eaton High School’s 4-H and FFA students spent the majority of summer break preparing on projects for the Weld County Fair where their hard work and dedication finally paid off.  Students were able to showcase their projects and animals in competition and leave with recognition of their hard work. 

Junior, Teagan Joseph (23), shows both horses and lambs. She placed fourth in the Green Horse division.  At Weld County, Fair Joseph won Grand Champion Dorset, third place Hampshire, and second place Crossbred with her lambs. 

“My favorite part is having the opportunity to really show off all the hard work that I do over the summer and I don’t play sports so it’s like my own little sport, so I love having the opportunity to be competitive and possibly win,” Joseph said.

Shooting Sports competitor and goat showman, Abby Fetzer (22), placed reserve champion in the unit with her shooting sports project and received second place with both of her Market goats and third place with her breeding goat.  In the Weld County 4-H shooting competition, Fetzer placed champion in the Air Pistol Division, champion Air Rifle – Utility, second in Air Rifle – Off-Hand, champion Air  Rifle – Sporter, and champion in .22 pistol.  Fetzer was able to represent Weld County at the State level.  

Fezter said, “With animals, you don’t get to take a day off, and with shooting, it takes mental toughness because I get in my head a lot.  4-H teaches you to work hard every day and to not get in your head or get nervous.”

Reserve Champion Crossbred lamb went to Freshman Cal Sidwell (25).  Along with showing lambs, Sidwell shows cattle at Weld County Fair. According to Sidwell, the biggest lesson he has learned through the 4-H program is “keep working.  Hard work pays off over a long period of time.”

Representing Eaton with her indoor projects was Reata Moore (23).  Moore competed in Food Preservation placing champion in the unit, Horseless Horse placing champion in the unit, Welding placing eighth, and Shooting Sports placing champion in the unit.   “I am the secretary of my 4-H group, and it has taught me to be responsible and a leader.  This helps me in everyday life, school, and will eventually help me get a job,” Reata Moore (23) said.  

Eaton High School’s students don’t stop working when school ends –  they continue to work just as hard over the summer in preparation for the Weld County Fair.  Students leave fair with beautiful ribbons in hand recognizing their hard work and dedication, lasting memories, and life-long lessons.