Class Day 2021


Aubrey Ledall, Staff Reporter

Dressing up in fine attire and celebrating the successes of the departing senior students is what Class Day is all about. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and faculty members celebrate the seniors’ hard work, dedication, and effort it took to preserve through the four years of high school. As the celebration continued, seniors geared up for graduation. They received caps and gowns and practiced walking for graduation on Wednesday morning. They recognized one another and the advisors through the “best and most” awards ceremony and watched each other grow up on the senior slideshow.  

Last year in 2020, students were unable to commemorate Class Day, but Covid didn’t stop the class of 2021. Senior Mackenna Dalton said, “Class Day was amazing! I loved every moment and seeing all get fancy.” The amount of laughter and smiles that filled the hallways drifted out into the grass when students lined up to watch the departure parade. From motorcycles to gators, and trucks to Corvettes, all the seniors drove vehicles down 1st street. Faculty, some parents, and the remaining students clapped for and waved goodbye to the class of 2021. John Martinez (22) enjoyed Wednesday, saying, “I thought Class Day went great and my favorite part was the parade and cheering off the seniors.” 

Wishing the class of 2021 into the next chapters of life was something special and one normal tradition that continued in this abnormal year. On the last day of high school, the seniors were able to feel honored by the rest of the school and experience something the class before them never had.