A Night to remember on the Red Carpet

Upperclassmen enjoy prom after the lack of prom last year


Emily Hogsett, News Editor

After a long year of no dances and activities, Eaton High School juniors and seniors were able to enjoy a night on the Red Carpet for prom 2021. Through the whole school year, COVID-19 kept the students of EHS from enjoying normal school activities, but prom became the exception. The upperclassmen were finally able to savor prom on April 17.

Prom was a night to remember with Hollywood-themed decorations giving the night a red carpet vibe for the students of Eaton High School. Due to COVID-19 guidelines, two gyms were used, and juniors and seniors were able to get tickets to either gym. Guests were allowed to attend with their date if they signed up in advance. 

Mackenzie Crouch (22) said, “My favorite part about prom decorations was probably seeing it all come together. It seemed like it was impossible to have prom in the first place, and the fact we did was the most satisfying part. My favorite part of helping decorate was that I was surrounded by people who are very important to me, we love dancing and being together.” 

Since last year’s prom was cancelled due to COVID-19, it was a bittersweet experience for Eaton’s seniors. 2021’s prom was the seniors first and last true prom experience. Annalise Holte (21) said, “Knowing that this was the only prom I was going to get, I was going to cherish every moment a little more. When the night was over, I was definitely a bit sad because it was everything I could have asked for.”

As upperclassmen of EHS strolled the red carpet for the night, elegant dresses and suits filled the gyms. Simplistic dresses were a common style seen at the 2021 prom. Open-backed dresses adorned the dance floor, and men wore sharp suits and tuxedos to dance the night away.

Prom Court consisted of Nakaiya Kuskie (21), Abbey Hays (21), Makynna Gentry (21), Jisell Chumacero (21), Emma Blaskowski (21), Carlos Bonilla (21), Garrett Copeland (21), Juan Maravilla (21), Tanner True (21), and Ryan Ure (21). Copeland and Gentry were crowned 2021 prom King and Queen. 

“It was an honor to be crowned prom king and was so much fun. My favorite part about prom was getting to be with friends – hanging out before, during, and at after prom,” Copeland said. 

The night of dancing was followed by after prom at the Eaton Country Club. Upperclassmen were able to enjoy an inflatable bull, board games, blackjack, prizes, a hypnotist, and fun with friends. 

Kati Conway (22) said her favorite part of after prom was “the hypnotist or getting the mystery money.”

Even through all the struggles of COVID-19, seniors and juniors were still able to experience prom, and make memories to last a lifetime.