Senior Spotlight: Nakaiya Kuskie


Charlotte Reynolds, Managing Editor

Nakaiya Kuskie (21) plans to attend Doane University this fall to play basketball. Kuskie has been committed to Student Council, Link Leadership, and Eaton basketball.

Outside of school Kuskie works at Heritage Market and participates in a Youth Leading Youth program. While committing to athletics and leadership programs, Kuskie has learned the importance of supporting her peers. Kuskie said, “I want to leave behind a legacy of being kind and somebody anyone could talk to. I want my peers to come to school and enjoy their time there.” Leaders who make everyone around them feel comfortable and welcome are extremely important to a healthy student environment.

Kuskie has showcased those qualities to those around her. “The most important thing to me as a leader is including everyone. I want to make sure everyone gets involved with something and enjoys their four years of high school,” said Kuskie.